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Tips for a Stellar College Application Essay

❶Like most large public schools, the University of Maryland has some all-star professors. Others have niche areas of study that they like to promote.

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Find out how to write an application essay that wins
College Essay Tips From a Former Admissions Officer
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What we should be talking about is appropriate rigor. If the student will get a C or lower, then she should reconsider. Last year was certainly a little different in that many schools that would not normally go to their waitlists had to do so. But students and parents should not assume that this will happen again this year. It may play out the same, or because of the economy students may be more discerning regarding the number of schools they apply to.

If you are writing about what makes you unique, special or interesting, ask your oldest and closest friends.

They may be able to describe what makes you special better than you can. It is important to think out of the box and really write about something that you know and have passion for—do not pick a topic that you think we want to read about.

The purpose of the essay is to help the admissions committee fully understand the potential difference you can make in the class and how your background and experience will move the campus community forward. What is the degree of attention paid by this school to the undergraduate educational experience? If superstar faculty members never cross the threshold of an undergraduate classroom, what will be the value to you? If research is valued more highly than quality teaching, and some faculty only do research or work with graduate students, what will be the value to you?

You want to find a place where faculty are enthusiastic about teaching undergraduates, where they are accessible to students, and where they include them in their research. This college will be your home for four years, and you want to know that it is focused on providing you the best possible opportunities to grow both intellectually and personally.

The admissions decision is as much a journey of the head as it is the heart—let both organs speak to you and then translate what they say into your application. Ballinger, director of undergraduate admissions, University of Washington, Seattle. Kathleen Kingsbury covers education for The Daily Beast. I begged, bribed, teased, and—eventually—grew to ignore it. Not only did it stand out like a sore thumb in Fairfield County, Conn.

I am not proud of it, but watching the other toddlers crawl, I worried when my first child showed little interest in crawling or walking even though he spoke like he could deliver the nightly news. After all, there is really only one essay question when it comes right down to it, and it is:. Therein lies the difficulty of this process.

This sounds counterintuitive, I know. But the prompts give you enough freedom to write whatever story you want to tell about yourself. Choose a slice of your story that represents you at your very best and tell it in excruciating detail. You can always address word count and trim the details later.

If you feel you simply must use one of these topics, know that you will need to make your essay extra compelling. Are you enjoying what you are writing? Does the topic come easily to you? The feeling you have as you write will be the feeling you give to your reader. Bored writers make for bored readers. Excited writers make for eager readers. Allow yourself at least two drafts to get your story out.

Once you like your first draft, start to cut or add words. If the maximum count for the essay is words, but you have said all you need to say in words, you will either need to have supreme confidence in yourself as an amazing writer, or you are leaving money on the table and not sharing enough about yourself. Choosing what to write about in the essay is important and it is doable. By Stephanie Klein Wassink August 3, Professors are notoriously hard graders.

The school boasts 34 Nobel laureates among alumni and faculty. Recent grads tend to get high-paying jobs.

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Get insightful tips on how to write an effective college application essay and set yourself apart from other applicants.

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College admissions officers read thousands of college application essays. These tips and strategies can help you make a strong impression.

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A Favorite Essay Tip From a College Application Veteran by j9robinson | Jul 6, I loved a recent post by my friend, Lynn O’Shaughessy, who is a fellow journalist and now the international guru for creative ways to pay for college. Your essay can give admission officers a sense of who you are, as well as showcasing your writing skills. Try these tips to craft your college application essay.