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A Guide to Writing Case Reports

❶Published online Nov Naturally, these will be the sections that are your won to the biggest extent:

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Pay writing a case report
Pay Writing A Case Report In Medicine

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We accept Powered by. In order to give appropriate credit to each author of a paper, the individual contributions of authors to the manuscript should be specified in this section. To qualify as an author one should: Each author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for appropriate portions of the content.

Acquisition of funding, collection of data, or general supervision of the research group, alone, does not justify authorship. All contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in an Acknowledgements section. Examples of those who might be acknowledged include a person who provided purely technical help, writing assistance, or a department chair who provided only general support.

I have found over the years a trend towards multi-authored case report manuscripts by many different individuals involved in the care of a patient s. But I also recognize that there are situations that warrant more co-authors. The above criteria though for co-authorship should always be followed, and I have seen editorial situations where peer reviewers including Associate Editors have questioned what they felt was excessive authorship.

Please refer to authors using their initials. Note this section should not be used to describe any competing interests. This has in turn given me a modest increase in business which has been completely non-monetary to date , usually in the form of email-based queries, many of which come from patients outside of my locality.

Authors should acknowledge anyone who contributed towards the article by making substantial contributions to conception, design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data, or who was involved in drafting the manuscript or revising it critically for important intellectual content, but who does not meet the criteria for authorship.

Also included should be the source s of funding for each author, and for the manuscript preparation. Authors must describe the role of the funding body, if any, in the: Please also acknowledge anyone who contributed materials essential for the study.

If a language editor has made significant revision of the manuscript, I recommend that you acknowledge the editor by name, where possible. Authors may also like to acknowledge anonymously the patient on whom the case report is based. If a scientific medical writer is used, this person should be included in the Acknowledgements section, including their source s of funding.

Authors should obtain permission to acknowledge from all those mentioned in the Acknowledgements section. Authors must search for and cite published case reports that are relevant to the case they are presenting. There should be no more than 15 references usually, although BMC does publish manuscripts with more references particularly if there is an extended literature review.

Unless it is of historic interest, please keep the references as contemporary as feasible for example, within the last 5 years or so. Please avoid excessive referencing. This is a separate document that should be written and uploaded with the main manuscript submission.

I usually write this after I have written the Abstract. It should clearly and concisely state the title of the manuscript, and why the authors feel that their case report should be published based on any already available literature on the topic at hand. Their materials have been developed from training workshops that Edanz gives to researchers worldwide and are not just limited to case reports. BMC recommends Edanz for authors who want to have their manuscript edited by a native speaker of English who is a scientific expert.

Edanz provides scientific editing and related services that raise the quality of manuscripts to the standard needed to be understood at peer review. This is understandable to keep costs down. However, please be aware that poor grammar and frequent spelling mistakes can be an impediment to editorial work flow and peer review.

At both JMCR and BMCRN , submitted manuscripts with questionable grammar and spelling are returned back to the authors by the editorial staff if it is felt that the grammar and spelling mistakes would impede peer review. If these issues are minor and it is felt that they would not impede peer review, then the manuscripts are sent off to peer reviewers when appropriate. Is it C lear, C oncise, and C oherent? Does it C onvey your message? Have you used C ases Database to look for any previously similar reported cases, and included them, if appropriate, in your references?

Have you C onferred with your C olleagues on the C ontent? Will it C ause the reader to be C urious? Did you obtain C onsent? Does it C ontain all of the necessary information?

Does it C omply with BM C guidelines? Do you think that it may need C opyediting? Do your C o-authors C oncur with the C ompleted paper? C an you C ut anything unnecessary out? Are your findings likely to be a C oincidence or by C hance alone?

If so, then mention this in the Discussion section. Is the writing style C onsistent? Many times I find co-authored manuscripts have different writing styles within the same paper depending on who wrote what section.

There should be a C entral, C orresponding author who is in C harge and oversees all of this. Is there anything that can be C ut out and have it still C ontain the C ompulsory information? Is it C oncise? Have you C onveyed C uriosity for your C ase report within your C over letter to the editorial team? Make it C ount! Have you used within the manuscript C opyrighted information from another source?

After C ompletion, wait a C ouple of days before final submission to C lear your mind and read the manuscript again to C atch any mistakes that you may have made while you were C aught up in the C ompletion of it. Are the references C ontemporary? And first and foremost as a C linician: Case reporting can be fun and a lifelong hobby, both for novice and experienced authors alike.

Do not be afraid to obtain help from native English speakers for your manuscript. Also, please adhere to deadlines and follow instructions given by the editorial office, especially regarding any revisions. Editors read many different manuscripts and the longer it takes to get back a manuscript after revisions have been requested the less fresh that manuscript is in mind. I do for both, and the experience has improved both my writing and editing skills and daily interactions with patients.

I recommend the following further instructive reading on how and when to write a case report: References [ 3 , 7 , 10 , 24 ] the last referenced article is in German, but one should readily be able to obtain an English translation if needed through a local librarian. It is well worth reading. I also recommend the following instructive BMC-related editorials and commentaries concerning the modern-day importance of case reports: References 2, 18, and I thank Professor Michael R.

Kidd for his valuable advice and comments on this manuscript. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. J Med Case Rep. Published online Nov Richard A Rison 1. Received Aug 30; Accepted Oct 7. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License http: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Case reports are a time-honored, important, integral, and accepted part of the medical literature.

Definitions What exactly is a case report? Collegial discussion and the Internet: When to write a case report How does one determine when to write an actual case report? BMC editorial workflow for case reports: The actual case report Now let us discuss the brass tacks of writing the actual case report by going through the individual sections that will comprise the manuscript.

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A pay writing a case report in medicine - done, experienced proposal, therefore, is a kind of important valued between you the proposal, and your reader.

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