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For that price I should receive several versions first. Then I should be able to choose what version of the resume that I want to represent me. I am never going to spend money on a resume when I have so many friends I can rely upon for excellent advice. No my friend, that is not wise. That is just a ridiculous amount.

I recently read an email that was sent to me by them assuring me that not only does theladders. If you submit your resume and cover letter and one of the employee resume reviewers at theladders.

Besides, how intelligent can one be if they need those guys to write their resume?! Anyone can research that on the net. How about calling the site SnobSearch? As job-seekers, we all know how uncertain it is to send a resume and have it yield results. So it should rightly make you feel that theladders. I remember many years ago posting my resume on their site.

The Ladders is simply filling up muy in box with upgrade solicitations. Every "match" they email me does NOT actually link to the listing but insted links directly to the "upgrade" page and I have yet to find the actual content of their listings.

I have told them point blank that they are a scam and they reply with any number of form letters "justifying" their sites business model. Totally agree with previous comments. Had I read all of the postings on The Ladders, I would not have used them. The advice is almost always totally inane. Where do they find the oysters to write the "advice" the give? I am glad I ran across this. Here is some more fodder for buyer beware of Ladders.

I have a resume that I paid a national recognized Certified Resume writer to write prior to getting my last position. The individual is published and has done remarkable work. I also paid a reasonable price less than Ladders wants to charge. Ladders ripped that resume - with the same types of comments posted in this string. I signed up for the free stuff. Did not buy the rewrite on my resume. I read some of the BS on the web site.

They made it sound like your resume was being reviewed by a pro and they would work with you to find a job.

I see that is not the case. I have subscribed to TheLadders for about a year. I am a veteran sales professional with technical account management and district sales management experience. I have been a top sales professional with solid, consistent achievements for 13 years.

These postings cannot be real and this site is a scam and a waste of money. Whatever flowery remarks that Marc Candella places on this site cannot substantiate the true job searchers experience.

Learn from my mistakes — do not sign up for anything on this site — I am in the process of canceling my subscription as soon as I can dig through their website to figure out how. Why am I telling you this? Because there are only a handful of resume writers 31 of us to be exact who have passed their certification exam to date. After reading the critiques that bashed the resumes they created, I found that the information they provided was not only subjective, but it was often inaccurate and incorrect.

Does anyone think that either of these two things might help The Ladders, and more importantly their clients AND the resume writers whose excellent resumes they tear apart??? Would love to hear!

Beware if you sign up with Ladders. I guess my next step is the Federal Trade Commission. I did use their resume writing service prior to leaving my current position last summer. I also wanted to see what a "professional" could do. I just polished up the rest so it would make sense to my target audience and to ensure that it was absolutely accurate. While I was a member of the Ladders I actively sent my resume to recruiters and applied to a position.

I did have one really great contact with a recruiter where it came down to me and another finalist. I had signed up for a year and once I stopped interacting with the Ladders, nothing came of it. My weekly Ladders alerts only included positions in marketing and at roughly my level of experience. Count me among the dissatisfied. TheLadders advertised two jobs in my city, neither of which paid anywhere near the promised six-figure salary.

I will now set out to tell the world how arrogant and ineffective these people are. At best, the ladders is not up to date, is unreliable and is likely useless. I also got hit with the auto-renewal policy. No email was sent to warn me. They are unwilling to charge me only for one additional month but just said they would cancel when my subscription ran out in Oct.! What a scam, taking advantage of out of work people with this autorenewal policy! The site and the people you speak with say they represent Google, but they actually do not.

I know this is off-topic, but I just wanted to put a word out there to the general public to be aware of what you sign up for and ALWAYS immediately check your monthly account statements.

When I asked if they worked for Google, they hung up on me after telling me I am foolish to use my credit card online. They have the coolest monster commercial.

However, I have to disagree with regard to the quality of their resumes. They currently provide their writers some of the best training in the industry.

In order to write for TheLadders one must successfully complete the rigorous training provided by renowned industry expert "Wendy Enelow". They have also very recently begun certfying their writers through The Resume Writing Academy.

A Wise Recruiter once told me: You pay them, they give you nothing but a bill for the next payment, and a solicitation to upgrade your account to the next higher costing level.

A fool is born every minute - and someone to take advantage of those fools is born every day. I heard about The Ladders when it first started several years ago. I have had 5 K jobs in the last 20 years and have never paid a headhunter a job site.

I have paid a professional resume writer, which was an excellent investment. Many of the jobs on The Ladders are Scam too. I "took advantage" of the free resume critique from The Ladders. Good comparison of reasonably priced services at cutting-edge.

I used cutting-edge, him an he was pretty good. Actually I goy mad because he really pushed me for info but now I see he was right. Oprah is his reference! I sent my old resume to the theladders 6 months ago.

It was old style, bullet points, etc. She said it was one of the worst resumes she had ever seen! After, I tweaked it a little. From an external contractor view: Very low level pay for amount of work required, including hours and hours of customer service that is above and beyond the scope of the work to be performed and thus not paid for. Project assignments went to automated scheduling by customer so contractors lost their control of project start times and dates.

They tell clients that they will be assigned to a resume writer with over 10 years of experience and then assign the client to a writer with less than 1 year of experience. They use unqualified people to critique original resumes, and these people are only interested in selling to make small commission and use standard critique templates full of useless information. Hire someone to manage resume writing function who understands and has "lived" all aspects of what a resume writer experiences in working with clients and the time it takes for customer service handling on top of just actually writing the resume.

Institute higher sliding pay rate to best writers who consistently deliver quality work without customer complaints or requests for refunds after work is delivered.

Stop trying to automate the resume writing process - it can not be automated. Stop treating writers as if they were robots turning out resumes as if they were on an assembly line.

They know it is a bad job. They will help you out. You can telecommute if you need to, which is nice. You can figure out who he is really quickly. Maybe all of this is possible when pigs fly?

You find out why very quickly. All or nothing commission can only work when "all" is a realistic figure.

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