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For this I feel sympathy and anger towards Judy, not only should she be made to accept the fact she killed her own sister, she killed another innocent person in a separate drink driving accident.

Judy obviously felt no remorse and for this I feel nothing but pity for such an uncaring and evil person. In our group we decided to use the idea of hot seating and key moments. I played the role of Judy and the other people in my group took it in turns to mention and key moment and then ask me a question about why I did it and what I feel about it now.

We decided to show Judy about 10 after the first accident, when she had then killed two people. The group switched between questions about Joanna and then the other accident to show how closely linked they were and how confused Judy would have been. Our piece lasted about 3 minutes, question after question. This was to represent how so many people would have wanted to ask Judy the same question, why? In hours 5 and 6 we were told we had to device a piece of drama about minutes long, using some of the themes and topics raised in the book, Too Much Punch for Judy.

Although it took the boys a little while to get focused and working, we came up with some good ideas. We talked about a number of ideas for quite a long time. Jack thought rein acting part of the play would have given our audience a good insight into how Judy was feeling and what her life has been like since the death of Joanna.

We used the same type of story, the car accident, death, memory ect. But changed the characters. We wanted to make sure the audience knew who the characters were in our piece, so at the beginning we used a section of dialogue that we devised, to show that Billy was the person driving the car and he was responsible for the death of Nick.

Our opening scene began with Billy sitting on a chair in the middle of an empty room, with 5 empty alcohol bottles around him listening to the radio. Jack then read our first piece of dialogue.

This was to show the audience that the radio programme had reminded him of the tragic way he had killed his brother. Billy then began talking, but not to the audience or another character, to no one.

Billy was showing the character in his own world completely, not having anything to do with the outside world. We needed to make sure we used the same gesture each time, so that the audience knew they were seeing events from the past.

We decided a hand movement would have been the best way to do this. Billy holding up his hand signalled to the audience the change in the time period.

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