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What did Bill Gates do after he dropped out from the Harvard?

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Government , Name , Done , Immigration , Say. Life , Innovation , Research , Problems. To his amazement, the videos were far more popular than his dedicated tutoring sessions. At home, students can review basic material, repeat lessons, or skip ahead—all without the judging eyes of frustrated peers. Five years and dozens of lessons later, the YouTube series was reaching tens of thousands of views a day. I literally just kept making videos.

Teetering on near desperation, Kahn got a text from his first donor, Ann Doerr, telling him that Bill Gates was talking about the Academy at the prestigious Aspen Ideas Festival—and that Gates used the lessons with his own children! Now, with cash injections from Google and Gates, the Khan Academy is rapidly expanding its offerings, polishing up the user interface and interactive software, and looking to reach a whole new audience. What inspires a financial trader to give up millions for education?

This decision might have been easier for Khan, since, unlike some who enter Wall Street, his decision to become a hedge fund manager was simple fascination with how math and psychology can predict human behavior. Even during his manager days, he looked forward to tutoring his family immediately after work. How would he change education? By turning it upside down. Anyone could learn at their own pace in their own way: Then, everyone, no matter how they were educated, would be equal before the evaluation.

Additionally, he thinks the assessment could be more meaningful than whatever abilities a college degree actually signals to employers. Second, lectures would become homework and teacher tutoring would occur during class time.

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Bill Gates was one of the founders of Microsoft Corporation, which became the largest computer software company in the world. Software is the name for the programs, or instructions, that tell a computer what to do. The success of Microsoft made Gates one of the richest people in the world.

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Bill Gates. You should definitely send me a homework help job description r. If bill gates were black, no different than when bill gates pivoted from being a successful entrepreneur and help put .

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dissertation outsourcing Bill Gates Homework Help good thesis writing example of an essay with a thesis statement. (born ). U.S. computer programmer and entrepreneur Bill Gates cofounded Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest personal-computer software company. He served as chairman of the company for more than 30 years. Gates was also Microsoft’s largest shareholder. In the mids he became the world.