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I have always loved Paper Mario. I would always recommend this game, and this has been so amazing. This was the first in the Paper Mario series of games, and arguably the best. It has a very strong visual style with excellent writing and humor. The first entry in the Paper Mario series. I have loads of nostalgia this game, my mother used to have if and taught me how to play it. I would watch her play this game everyday and she would have three save files at a time. We did however, got burned out of the game and stopped playing for a while, but we would play it every now and then with nostalgia.

Shipping is free for all shipments within the USA if you choose economy shipping. The cost for faster delivery methods is based upon the weight of the items in your order. You just bounce up and down, moving forward slightly in the complete opposite direction that you fell into the lava, taking damage every time you bounce until you get to safe ground, if there is any This can lead to countless of annoying deaths.

Thankfully enough its only used in one world, as far as i have gotten anyway. One thing i noticed is that the game has a realy wierd dificulty curve, you could do a chapter that might take you alot of tries before you are able to make it, and then the next one might take you about a minute to complete, and it happens more than once throughout the game.

There are also always 1ups to be found so that dying while trying to complete the course you wont lose too many lives. I myself can only remember one song and thats mainly because you hear it so often. This is a must own for any Mario fan. In my opinion this is one of the more difficult games in the Mario series, however it is truly unique, fun, entertaining, and graphically beautiful.

The game control has a slight learning curve with the innovative water pump system FLUDD , but once learned it is second nature. I have been a fan of the mario games since they came out back in the 80s.

This game will keep you busy for months. I have still not completed it and I have beat every other Mario game, so I feel that this is the most difficult one. It can be even frustrating at times, but not enou gh to make you hate the game.

Definitely get this one and add it to your collection. Here is my ranking of the mario games: Super Mario Galaxy 2. Super Mario 64 4. Super Mario Sunshine 5. Super Mario World 7. This game is far from the traditional Mario bashing blocks, having super powers etc. His main weapon of both defense and offense is a pressurized, personified, computerized water squirter. It can be used for hovering in air, taking care of contamination, revealing secrets, puzzle solving, and destroying enemies.

I personally liked the Island Jazzy Music, and the bright vacation spots the most. The hardest part of the game to me is the challenging platformers where the way of death is missing the platforms, probably the only traditional part remeniscient of Mario games. Skip to main content. See all 11 brand new listings. In "Super Mario Sunshine" for GameCube, the iconic plumber arrives on the island for a much-needed vacation with Princess Peach and Toadsworth, only to be confronted with pollution and destruction.

To add insult to injury, an imposter disguised as Mario is responsible for the damage, and the locals want to see the real Mario take responsibility for the toll that the villain took on their former paradise. Use powerful water cannons to help defeat enemies, jump onto platforms, clean up the mess in each environment, and restore the island to its formerly pristine condition while saving the Pianta people in the process.

Defeat bosses such as slimy Piranha Plants and Bowser robots on each level and unlock portals to continue your journey as you play through this entertaining GameCube video game. This is the second in the line of 3D Mario games.

FLUDD is not the only partner to help out, however. In "Super Mario Sunshine," his friend Yoshi helps by eating fruits with his long tongue and spitting fruit juice to defeat enemies. Only by using the powers of his friends does the Italian plumber succeed in this platformer game, exclusively on the Nintendo GameCube.

The cartoon-based animation makes the game appropriate for children. This is a great choice for families who enjoy playing games together.

It became beloved by fans after it was released, and it is even referenced in the Super Smash Bros games. The game is played on the Nintendo Gamecube and is also compatible with the Nintendo Wii.

Set on the beautiful vista of Isle Delfino, there are multiple levels to visit, such as the boat dock of Ricco Harbor, the rolling fields of Bianco Hills, the thrilling rides of Pinna Park, and the lighthouse of Gelato Beach. The gameplay consists of traveling to each of these lands and gathering enough Shine Sprites to return sunlight to the main city in the land. Shine Sprites are collected by conquering the challenges presented in each level.

When enough Shines are collected, it is possible to confront the vicious Shadow Mario and rescue Peach. Use a back-mounted water cannon to wash away the muck and graffiti on a tropical island Hitch a ride with Yoshi to uncover secrets and battle enemies Collect shines to save the island from a mysterious new threat.

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Paper Mario is the sequel to the classic Super NES role-playing game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Like the original, it contains a mix of turn-based /5().

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