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Will adderall help me complete my paper?


❶Some people feel like even talking about using Adderall to boost exam performance is irresponsible. When I was writing, I had no idea whether what I was writing was relevant to what I was supposed to say.

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Does adderall help with writing papers
Will adderall really help me write my term paper?

Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I said I would rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity. Biology Class of Originally Posted by bov If you rep me because I make a good post, I will rep you back for using the rep system as it should be used.

How about you try scheduling your time, finishing your paper, and then handing it in early. LMFAO at people needing drugs to write a paper or waiting until the last minute. Good luck in life. Who needs adderall for that?? The key to Adderall is you take it to get through outlines or to write papers. You do not actually take it prior to an exam. If you cannot concentrate on the LSAT or a final without a pill, you are in trouble. This is terrible advice. On top of that, it has caused high blood pressure and my pulse is always high when they check it, even though I exercise.

This is not good for me, especially since I already have anxiety and a sleep disorder. You probably need to start taking a beta blocker like Norvasc that would bring down your blood pressure and heart rate.

Oh no heart problems. They sit in an office and look at a radiation screen for hours at a time per day. They use their cell phones through out the day. They eat shit food and get no exercise then binge drink on the weekends. Yodels are for pussies. This past month I was smoking a pack a day and shotgunning 5 hour energies, is there really any way taking an adderall could be worse? Adderall is not addictive at all if it helps some study who gives a shit.

That would include me for far too many years. And that, I think, accounts at least in part for the high numbers of practicing alcoholics and drug abusers in the profession. I do not envy nor judge those who do. I suppose abusing the drug could lead to addiction but every dr.

I have been to has told me that you take an 8-hr regular dose or an extended release once each morning, and it is worn off by the end of the day.

And one only needs to take it when needed to concentrate. On weekends or when law school ends, one can stop taking it instantly with no side effects.

ANd it is a tremendous help for getting through long, technical readings and the laborious thinking process of legal analysis and writing of law school exams and papers. I know some people my age who were prescribed amphetamines during final undergrad exams. I assume the pharmaceutical industry is just protecting its considerable profits.

Setting the addiction and all that aside, how about the fact that taking Adderall without a prescription is both cheating and illegal, whether it works or not? Taking a drug to help you study is just as bad as stealing an outline or sneaking notes into a closed-book exam. I will say though it is a double edged sword, for me it helped me focus… if i had a text book in front of me, I would be focused on it for hours, taking notes, highlighting, outlining… if I took it and accidentally had facebook open….

I feel good about the fact that I made it through law school without the use of drugs, not even coffee or redbull because I have a heart condition. SO many of my classmates were on drugs, including at least 10 people I knew personally who were using cocaine multiple times per week, in fact this one girl somehow had prescriptions for adderall from several different doctors and she would sell them to nearly everyone at school, then she started selling cocaine too.

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Sign up for our newsletter. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Wrong. I take 70mg of Vyvanse in the morning just had my dose about fifteen minutes ago , and supplement with mg of Adderall IR in the afternoons as needed.

Those were always there before I went on meds, but now I have the ability to focus long enough to actually edit those down into digestible chunks. IME, without the meds I have minimal output and generally do not revise or complete my writing projects.

With meds, the exact opposite. On the other hand, I did manage to get my closets organized by clothing type and color, which was I write more freely without meds but I rush. I have no patience to revise my writing. It works well for me because I often think through the structure and ideas, sometimes even do the outline, of a paper while on meds. Other than the issue of taking too many breaks, the writing flow almost comes easier.

Meds slow me down. No meds and I go really fast and ideas can flow, if I can focus long enough to do it. I hate the way I wrote when I was prescribed adderall. It was definitely easier to crap out words, but I found that I just went on tangents upon tangent, or I would become enamored of an argument or a thought and write two pages on it before realizing it was actually really stupid. When I was writing, I had no idea whether what I was writing was relevant to what I was supposed to say.

I certainly write different while on adderall, dexadrine or ritalin. I do enjoy it for free writing or for pleasure, but from an academic standpoint, it certainly impacts it. I dont flow as well while on it and find myself using poor gramatical structure, disjointed ideas and run on sentances.

I do love writing though, and it can be really fun to pound out 10 pages in a couple of hours. I dont like trying to do a whole overhaul on a paper. Speed can be a very helpful drug times. In regards to your creative process: A now retired doctor told me a bunch of stories about ADD and Adderall. There was a woman who was an artist. So she started taking Adderall.

She made a list of steps, did the steps, had a great show, sold a bunch of paintings. Creativity and focus are impacted by Adderall differently for different people. I would personally encourage you to think about how it effects youself, and use that knowledge to decide when to take it and when not to take it. In addition, I would encourage you to try to seek out new organization skills while using Adderall to help keep you focused on the tasks you do.

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Apr 07,  · But dam, Adderall is amazing. I took a 20mg XR 2 hours ago and I'm blasting through an essay on Napoleon Bonaparte I've been meaning to do for 3 weeks. It's an 8 page midterm paper for the community college i go to so it's not that hard but still my mind is dialed in to everything. So far I've got 3 pages done and they are pretty good. Writing With Adderall: A Personal Case Study. So if there’s something I can do that will help me provide better tools and resources for people, I definitely want to consider it. and then I started out using Adderall more frequently in college to be able to write papers more effectively, but after awhile I got to a point where I couldn.

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Nov 17,  · Adderall is composed of amphetamine salts. Basically is a lesser form of speed. And yes, it may help you focus on your paper. In my experience, all it helps you do is focus. You choose what to focus on. I once played solitaire for 5 straight hours. The choice is always Resolved. Help with statistics coursework homework help k 12 buy college application essays georgia does adderall help with writing papers essay money can39t buy happiness. Essay written in the first person about the author life cv writing service singapore term paper order custom essay generator.