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How to Write an Exploratory Essay With Sample Papers


❶Stuck with your exploratory essay and are wondering: It is the sort of paper you would write before writing a solution paper.

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Get your college project done. Here are some examples of exploratory questions:. By looking at three or more viewpoints, you can get a better understanding of the different audiences for an issue and better understand how a solution or compromise might be developed.

What do you think of the topic, "Why do opposites attract? Since divorce is such a common recent experience in many families, exploring the different ideas on how it affects family members can make a good paper.

Along with your question, you could do:. How does divorce affect the relationships with extended family members of the ex-spouse? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Welcome back to the classroom. Hope you do very well this semester! This is extremely helpful for me as a student. Unfortunately, not all instructors are the same.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Aubria--thanks for your comment. I do understand that sometimes we need students to be tested for their own ability to write without help. I do that too. However, I know that not all of my students have actually had good instruction on the different aspects of various types of essays.

Thanks so much kerlynb! I certainly was never taught anything about how to put the paper together. So after a few years of college teaching, I started analyzing the essays in my textbooks and also the best student essays and came up with my series of "How to write" papers. Just where were you when I was in HS? This is so useful! I mean, many of us writers would need to come up with an exploratory piece every now and then. Have to vote this one up and useful: Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: How Are They Unique? Steps in Writing Your Paper. Prepare a basic outline using the Outline format below.

Re-read your articles and your Summary-Analysis-Response paper. Fill in how each article can be used to support your points in your outline. Be sure to include the source of that point in MLA form, which is author last name and page in parenthesis.

Talk out your paper with a friend. Work with a friend or a small group. Explain your paper using your outline. Tell them your points and make sure they understand.

Do they have any ideas on how to make your essay more interesting? Have them answer the questions on Peer Edit Outline below. Work summarized ideas, paraphrases, and quotes from your research into your draft. In an exploratory paper, you mainly summarize or paraphrase in your own words the positions you describe.

Using the questions in the "Peer Editing" section below, evaluate your paper by following the Instructions for Writer and having someone else do the peer editing questions.

Features of Exploratory Essay. Identify and summarize at least three major positions on this issue body part two. Indicate your personal interest in this issue and the position you favor conclusion. You might want to gather one or more visuals to add to your paper. What Makes a Good Topic? Exploratory Papers need to have an arguable question, which means it is a question that is: Not a fact you could easily check the answer to.

Something people have different views about try to find at least three. Interesting to people right now. Linked to an enduring issue. What are Enduring Issues?

Enduring issues are ones which people continue to care about over time. Enduring issues concern claims of fact, definition, value, cause and polity. They concern our need for good government, quality of life, social justice and personal rights. There are three things you need to do in the introduction: Use one of the introductory techniques in the table to explain the situation and argument.

Tell the arguable question usually at the end of the introduction. Introduction Ideas Re-tell a real story Give statistics Depict a made-up scenario Vividly describe a scene or situation Explain a typical situation Have a real or imagined conversation about the issue Talk about what makes this argument important now Use an intriguing statement or quote Give history of this idea or argument Make a list of problems Give several examples of this problem Ask a series of questions Use a frame use part of story to open, then finish story in conclusion Use interview questions and answers.

Part One The body of this type of essay has two parts. Explain the Rhetorical Situation: What sort of writing is being done on this subject? Is it a question being discussed in the news?

Is there an academic study being done? Who are the audiences interested in this question? What are the different positions they hold? Why are the readers interested in this question? Who are the people writing on this question?

What is common ground between the authors and readers audiences? What attitudes, beliefs, circumstances, traditions, people, or events limit the way we can talk about this subject? Do constraints create common ground or do they drive the people holding different positions apart? Context of debate on the issue What events or circumstances make us interested in this question now?

What is the history of this issue and question? How has interest in this question changed over time? What enduring values big life issues does this debate relate to? Three or More Positions on the Issue For each of the three or more positions, you need to write a separate paragraph. Tell why people believe that position. Give the best arguments for that position. Explain how those arguments are supported. Sample Starting Sentences for Body Part Two Start each of the paragraphs with a clear sentence stating the different position.

Here are examples of how to begin each paragraph: Many people believe… What is this point of view? Other people would contend… What is this point of view? Another way to look at this question is…. Here are some other ideas: Finish the frame story. Add the final evidence you find most convincing. Tell the reader your own conclusions and point of view. Challenge the reader to decide.

Outline the main things we need to think about when we make a decision about this question—what is important and what is not. Outline Peer Editing After you have written your outline, get some help by practicing talking about your paper idea in a small group, or in front of the whole class. Is the introduction interesting? Do you feel you understand the issue and the question?

Do the question and the three positions match up? Is there a contrast in the positions? Are there other positions you think need to be considered? Is there other supporting evidence you can think of? Is the response interesting? How can they do that better? Anything you think is missing or needs to be explained or expanded? Draft Peer Editing Worksheet Having someone else read your essay and give you some feedback is a great way to improve your writing.

Mark on your own paper: Write at top of draft or on a separate sheet of paper: What is best about your paper. Questions you have for the peer editor. What you want them to help you with.

Read the paper and make marks on the draft about: On a separate sheet of paper write: Anything that needs to be added? Was the opening interesting? How could it be improved? How well does the paper examine the rhetorical situation?

How can it be improved? Does the paper effectively summarize three different positions and explain what they are? Why do they believe it? Does the paper give enough evidence for each position?

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help in writing essays Buy Exploratory Paper essay on my family in english online dissertations and theses chinese. Nov 10,  · How to Write an Exploratory Essay With Sample Papers. Updated on March 4, Virginia Kearney. more. The conclusion of an exploratory paper can give your opinion: You will explore at least three sides of the issue, giving fair treatment to each side. However, in the conclusion of the paper, you will indicate your own position Reviews: 8.