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What should i do if my classmates always want to copy my homework.?

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should i do my homework yahoo answers

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Apr 15,  · Should I do my Homework????? It's a research speech topic and I'm not feeling Resolved.

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Sep 16,  · k look i know not many people like doing their homework but itz very important to do so. I feel lazy but i never not do my homework because i want to become a good person. I want to reach for my goal. If you do ur homework u'll be with everyone else. Do what u like first, like i love drawing so i do homework that involves drawing Resolved.

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Yahoo India Answers do my homework yahoo During exams, I revise the answers I learnt by telling them to the plants while I am cleaning the garden in the Is there a site that I can pay to do my homework? I Never Do My Homework Yahoo Answers. We have hundreds of teachers who will answer your yahoo and help you do your homework Best Answer: I am always too lazy to do my homework and I'm on the computer a lot or watching TV.

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Apr 08,  · Best Answer: If you don't feel like doing you're homework at this particular moment, you can always take a break and come back to it in half hour. That's what I Resolved. Mar 03,  · go ahead and do your homework get out of the way. This way you don't have to rush to do it and get a better grade. Then later you'll have fun and not have the guilt of not having it done or worse you'll forget it do it at Resolved.