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Adapting Your Resume for a Nonprofit Job Search

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Secrets of Resume Writing for Non-Profits
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Revise your chronological or functional descriptions to include any time you were singled out for your success, given a promotion or even given more responsibility. Make sure each bulleted skill or accomplishment leads with an action verb, so revise each section of your resume to include the verbs with the most meaning. Action verbs qualify your experience in a positive, results-oriented way.

Consider using these verbs, if they apply to your experience: Return to your organization and job description research. Insert stressed or frequently used words into your resume in appropriate places, such as descriptions of your skills, experience, education or accomplishments.

Include a volunteer section. Many non-profits rely heavily on volunteer workers, so they value this experience more than other sectors. Include any board or committee positions, responsibilities and programs you may have started.

This is a wonderful way to gain the necessary skills to be a standout applicant for a non-profit job. When you volunteer, ask to take on more responsibility.

Place an education component on the bottom of your resume. The more experience you have, the shorter this section can be. Highlight your majors, GPA and any volunteer or organizational accomplishments you gained. Attach a list of references from non-profit agencies. Include people who are able to attest to your value to an organization. Choose non-profit leaders over for-profit leaders, although managers from any company should be able to provide this kind of analysis.

Proofread your resume very closely. After you have settled on a good draft, also ask professional friends and family members to inspect the resume and suggest changes. Keep your final draft in both electronic format, rich text, word or portable document format PDF , and paper copies. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Remember that the cover letter is also important.

Spend plenty of time writing about how your for-profit and non-profit experience makes you an excellent fit. Use the 1 page typed letter to give a more in-depth description about your accomplishments and skills gained from previous jobs and experiences. Submit your resume in a timely manner. Many non-profits will set dates by which a resume must be received. Sources and Citations http: Resume Preparation Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 17, times.

Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. MC Munendra Chauhan Apr 20, Thanks for letting us know. You will have to navigate bureaucracies, bring people together, resolve conflicts, handle rejection and most of all, do a lot with very little money.

Therefore, you need to strike a balance between showing commitment to the cause and displaying some hard-nosed business savvy. The way to keep this balance is to stress results. Make your successes a central part of your resume. If you increased sales, tell them about it. If you cut costs, explain by how much and how you did it. These results will demonstrate to the managers reading your resume that you can deliver for them. Non-profits are vastly different from one another in many ways, but the one thing they all share is a need to do more with less.

Most are strapped for cash, and even the organizations with lots of money, like the Gates Foundation, require their projects to run on tight budgets in order to make sure that most of the money goes towards making an impact. So your resume should highlight times when you have achieved results while keeping costs low, or come up with creative low-cost solutions that have increased sales, or improved productivity or cut costs.

Usually I advise people to keep their resume very focused on a narrow set of skills, but non-profit resumes are a little different. So if you have a variety of skills, make sure you say that.

For example, if everyone in your office comes to you for computer help, mention that fact. Or if you know how to design flyers and brochures even though you work in accounting, put it in your resume. One of those could be exactly the skill your target employer is looking for in addition to your core functions.

The best non-profit resumes strike a perfect balance between passionate idealism and a strong focus on results.

5 Tips For Writing A Nonprofit Resume

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To help you craft a resume, here are six good examples prepared for an application for a senior nonprofit role. These real-world samples, with identifying information removed, illustrate a range of approaches used to represent work experience and qualifications. Your resume often will be the first.

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There is no single correct way to write or format a resume for the nonprofit sector, but the following tips, questions, and examples can help you create one that is both true to your experience and accessible and appealing to hiring managers at nonprofit .

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Nonprofit Resume Tips Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert Just as there’s no one right way to develop a resume for the for-profit sector, resumes for nonprofit jobs are also dependent on the target job and organization. 5 Tips For Writing A Nonprofit Resume. Here are five tips for writing a nonprofit resume that can help you be confident and get hired: 1. Research The Job And Organization. First, Don’t submit a generic resume and cover letter — they will get passed over extremely quickly. Instead, prepare yourself to know as much as possible about the.

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If you think nonprofits aren’t hiring in this economy, you’re mistaken. Learn how you can position your resume to attract nonprofit employers. Skip to main content Search Career Advice. Search. an initiative of the Bridgespan Group, provides nonprofit management content and tools designed to help nonprofit organizations build strong. Secrets of Resume Writing for Non-Profits Written by Louise Fletcher. Tweet it! Your resume must show non-profit managers or Boards that you care about what you do – that you are driven by a passion for their mission. Resume Help. We’ve put together lots of free resources to help you in your job search.