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Government homework help mountains

Instant homework help mountains

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Re homework help mountains

What is a mountain?
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The Himalayan Mountains were formed when India crashed into Asia and pushed up the tallest mountain range on the continents.

In South America, the Andes Mountains were formed by the collision of the South American continental plate and the oceanic Pacific plate. Two Tectonic Plates meet along the Southern Alps. This is called a fault line. The Southern Alps are constantly changing because the Pacific Plate is being pushed down under the Australian Plate and that causes the Alps to rise up. It breaks up into blocks or chunks. Sometimes these blocks of rock move up and down, as they move apart and blocks of rock end up being stacked on one another.

Dome mountains are the result of a great amount of melted rock magma pushing its way up under the earth crust. Without actually erupting onto the surface, the magma pushes up overlaying rock layers. At some point, the magma cools and forms hardened rock. The uplifted area created by rising magma is called a dome because of looking like the top half of a sphere ball. The rock layers over the hardened magma are warped upward to form the dome. But the rock layers of the surrounding area remain flat.

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Mountain ranges are long chains or groups of mountains. Ranges are usually 1, or more miles long. The Rocky Mountains and the Himalayan Mountains are examples of mountain ranges. What is a mountain system? A group of mountain ranges is called a mountain system.

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The world’s largest mountain ranges are fold mountains. These ranges were formed over millions of years. Fold mountains are formed when two plates collide head on, and their edges crumbled, much the same way as a piece of paper folds when pushed together.

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What is a mountain? A mountain is something that’s part of the land, but that rises above everything else. They are very rocky, and can join up with other mountains to make up . Mount Kenya mountains, 5,ms The homework highest mountain in Africa. Like Mount Kilimanjaro, it is an extinct volcano. Mt Kosciuszko - Australia, metres The highest mountain in Australia, located in the help southeast corner of the continent.

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Overview Mountains form as a result of intense tectonic forces. Mountain chains such as the Andes and the Himalayas rise from the collisions of continental plates, as rocks are folded, uplifted, and faulted. Mountains Mountains have peaks that are at higher elevation than the surrounding land. Instant homework help mountains We are a full-scale graphic design agency and studio, with a stable, in-house team of talented graphic design professionals, web programmers and project managers working together, giving a friendly and cost-effective service.