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The devil knocking: Why you should never write for essay mills

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❶I take pride in my ability to write huge quantities that customers are happy with more than stellar quality in any individual piece of work.


Avoiding the temptation to write for essay mills
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This is unlike parents who actually help children do their homework and have them hand them in as is. It is, therefore, hypocritical to attack essay mills while academic assistance starts right in our homes! If your answers to all these key questions are in the affirmative, you are well on your way to receiving professional essay writing services.

Essay mills are legal, so do not hesitate to engage their services and make good use of them! Why use an essay writing service? They help you understand the task at hand; this makes it easier for learners to deliver their papers. The sample academic essays provide a step by step guide on how to approach a given problem. This helps you learners save on time that they would otherwise use to establish the same. How do you select a good essay writing service?

Looking for an essay writing service? Why would a student shell out cash for an essay-as-study-guide when the library is full of them?

Other essay mills make no effort to disguise their nefarious intent. Other academic ghostwriters dredge up different rationalizations. James Robbins, a former lawyer, uses his earnings to work his way through nursing school. Keeping Robbins company in school are plenty of aspiring nurses who have purchased essays — and business majors, teachers, and principals. Our anonymous ghostwriter draws the line at nurses and a few others: Who knows, it might be my parents who find themselves in their care.

Opportunities for legitimate ghostwriting are numerous and varied. Celebrities, as well as the common person, hire ghosts to write their stories. Businesses hire ghostwriters to produce company documents. Political figures hire speechwriters — but in each of these cases, the writers go into these arrangements clear-eyed.

No one is hurt. And, ultimately, we all are hurt. Many of these people work their way into high places in our increasingly duplicitous world. Most fields are, in one sense or another, applied fields. They will be working for us, peopling the jobs that surround and serve us. Take on a writing job that enables cheaters, and you have only yourself to blame if your doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor is an under-educated boob who bought his or her degrees.

We have such an opportunity not only to entertain but to inform, encourage, uplift, and inspire. Gail Radley is the author of 24 books for young people and numerous articles for adults. I think that if your going to say ghostwriting is ethical, than mill writing should also be ethical. Its not ok to be duplicitous in school, but to be duplicitious in the real world because you put out a sex tape is acceptable? Cheaters are going to cheat.

There loss is the gain of people that are struggling to make a living and find a flexible source of income. I think you and the other essay guy should have a "write-off". Know what you want to say before you say it.

Do you think this reflects on the american education system? Trying to "pass the test" attitude if you will. This is a job like any other and you learn not to become too attached to your products, but there are times I wish I could slap my name on something. I take pride in my ability to write huge quantities that customers are happy with more than stellar quality in any individual piece of work. What kind of people make up your consumer base?

Do you typically write for more undergrad slacker types or do you get more unique clients? They certainly ought to. Profs never read or grade anything. Its all the TAs and the TAs would have a hard time proving that they didnt write the essay if it was completely new and not copied.

Maybe in a few schools with monster-size classes, but in colleges there are no TAs, because there are no graduate students this is the difference between college and university. And even then, I know a lot of professors, and they spend half their time grading. Is it possible to do this job more in a freelance kind of way? For example just pick out an essay or paper that has to be written from a pool of essays that have to be written, whenever you feel like it.

I only take what I want to take, I only work when I want to work. How do you write papers successfully without knowing the difference between real research and doing a Google search? Sure, the two can overlap, but "research" in the academic sense has always involved more than just reading Wikipedia. Do you simply Google each topic and form a paper from the first page of results, or do you actually use scholarly resources?

Do you ever have to list your sources with the papers you write? Or are these like high-school-book-report types of papers? Honestly, how many students are going to go do primary research when they need to write a paper?

Without Google and Wikipedia, people would have to write papers using Ask Jeeves searches and whatever info they could get out of their parents. OR if there were online databases containing terabytes of research material that students could access without leaving their home What world are you living?

But seriously, you pay thousands of dollars for library access at your institution? How are you able to write papers on complex, advanced level topics? Every essay comes with a disclaimer, and I get paid when I deliver. If you had a kid in school, and the kid asked you to write an essay for them, would you 1 do it for free, 2 do it but charge them, 3 refuse, but recommend some other essay mill writer for them to use, 4 tell them not to cheat, or 5 something else?

I have had a few friends ask me for help, and I have always offered to sit down and help them write their own essay at no charge, but I refuse to work for anyone I know that has the skills and refuses to use them. There are a lot of very unsavory people and companies ready to prey on writers just like customers, so be careful. There are also people it would be better not to piss off.

Do you work for some kind of company or association or are you a completely solo operator? If you work for a company, do you think it is connected to organized crime?

Does this job put any strain on your family life? This job supports my family, and I get downtime whenever I want it. I take a lot of free time in the summer to make up for long hours during the busier times of year, but even then I have enough time to pursue other interests quite avidly. Or do you just always write it to the best of your ability? Are your customers happy?

Do they ever end up with a bad grade? How do you handle that? Do you read a book prior to writing a paper on it? I would assume you look up and read criticism, is that the case? Criticism is always helpful, but really only a small portion of the work I do is for English papers. Aww, there goes my entry into this business.. I think airport ventilation particularly in larger airports is extremely important.

What degree was that Ph. What is the higgest up the ladder essay you have ever written and by that i mean high school, college, grad school, jobs etc. Academic writing appears to me as a rather different discipline than say, copywriting, however. Did you have any previous training writing academic papers?

So I gather from this that you only write essays that are within your own former field of study. Not true at all. Seriously though, that must have been weird, knowing you were writing childporn fan-fiction. I tend to break things up into approx. How long do you spend researching a topic on average before writing about it?

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The bottom line is that " ghost writers" and " Essay Mills" are nothing but a product supplied on demand; a demand generated by a superficial, flawed and basically dishonest teaching system. A System bordering on the one side by the Academic Dons & Sons Inc., .

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