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To download acrobat reader click below: Designing your own design sheet You will need to create a layout for your design sheets. Open an example sheet to see what is required on your layout sheet. Remember look after it as your teacher will need to use it again and again to photocopy. Product Design cover sheet This sheet explains how you create a front cover sheet and includes what should appear on your sheet eg: Situation and Design brief This top sheet explains what you should include on your situation and design brief.

Timing Plan This sheet helps you plan what time to spend on your coursework folder and production of your products. Research Analysis Brainstorm Research Note: You should try to get sheet 3 and sheet 4 onto the same sheet if possible.

A brainstorm in which you consider a range of different project and different solutions you could come up with for each. You must include a short explanation of what this brainstorm is and why you have done it. See your revision guide page 28 Planning your reserach also see: Research Plan Research Note: You should try to get this information onto the previous sheet if you have room!

This sheet is a checklist or a table to see how you will start your research and how you will achieve your research. See your revision guide page 28 Planning your reserach.

Mood board Research This sheet is used to create a mood about the client, it displays there likes, styles, etc. It is often used as a theme for the inspiration of our design ideas. Add transparent paper over your mood board to add design notes.

Mood board Useful weblinks: Board games - www. Console types - www. Plastic jewellery 1 - www. Questionaire Research This sheet contains a questionnaire that you will ask your users and you will present the findings as graphs. Try to get it all onto one sheet.

See your revision guide page 29 Questionaires also see questionaire examples: Existing Products Research Find 6- 8 pictures of existing products that are relevant to your project and annotate.

Label each image and include; Who will use the product? See your revision guide page 29 Product Analysis Product analysis Useful weblinks: Product Analysis Research Pick two existing products which is similar to the one you are going to produce and analyse them fully. You can also analyse the two products against each other to see which is best.

See your revision guide Paper and Board page 40, Timber page 42, Metals page 45, Plastics page 48 also see: You will need to do two sheets minimum. Busy ideas development Development Refine your busy ideas to 3 good ones, include annotations and evaluations.

Development means you gradually improve your designs. You will need to present your ideas in a way that someone else can follow and make. Final ideas Development Produce four final design sheets to scale. Final CAD designs Development Here you will need to add all your final Corel draw files for everything that you have printed on the laser cutter. Planning This is a file that shows how you have made all your products using drawings or photographs.

List what tools and processes you have used. Evaluations What modifications and improvements did you make during construction? Here is an example modifcations sheet. Use photographs to show your changes. Evaluations Test your final product, does it do everything it is meant to do?

Coursework writing has never been so easy

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Dt Coursework Help dt[English] United States [English] United Kingdom [German] GermanyD&t Coursework Help d&t coursework help Aug 21, Gcse dt coursework help >>> click to order essay Essay on erythropoiesis Read our gre section breakdowns to A Level Dt Coursework Help.

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GCE Coursework‎ > ‎ D&T Sample Coursework Enclosed is a sample coursework which you may refer to check on the information required within a coursework journal document and presentation board.

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30 rows · DT: Pupils can revise or learn about consumer protection including; regulations, legislation, . Coursework. If you need your coursework to be done quickly our writers are happy to assist you with writing help that can totally help you with such final accomplishment as a coursework. Assignments.

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