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homework help work cited pages
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For example you are citing some information from a book the way you give reference of this book will remain same whether or not the author of the book is your professor. As a matter of fact, the format of giving reference will remain same even when you are citing from a source authored by yourself. The purpose of giving reference of sources cited in your paper is to enable the reader to check your paper against the original source, or to get more details from that source.

Therefore, it is not common to give references to sources like class room lectures and personal discussions, for which permanent record is not available for checking back. However if your professor or someone else has made a point that is very important for your paper, and for which no record is available, it may be a good practice to acknowledge the source of idea in the main text of the paper giving sufficient details to identify the person concerned. It is also a good practice to identify the professor and other persons who have helped you in writing the paper, and acknowledge the help received from them in a separate section of the paper.

The seventh edition of the MLA Handbook clearly specifies how to cite a lecture. Then, give the title of the speech if any in quotation marks. Follow with the name of the meeting and organization, the location of the occasion, and the date. Use the descriptor that appropriately expresses the type of presentation e. Remember to use the abbreviation n. Computers and Writing Conference. How do I cite my professor in my paper and in the works cited page using MLA?

Expert Answers pohnpei Certified Educator. Related Questions How do you reference material found on enotes. Begin typing the name of a book or author: The author is followed by the title of the work. Titles of all long works must be italicized. Titles of all short works must be surrounded in quotation marks.

Next comes the publishing information. For the publishing information, name the city of publication first.

Then, following a colon, list the name of the publisher. Finally, include the year the item was published. In addition, MLA is the one referencing style that requires us to name the type of source we are referring to.

Therefore, at the very end of the citation, we would identify it as either Print , Web , or any other media type. You should also note that each element of the citation is separated by a period, except for the publishing year. There are a few variations on the above reference depending on the type of media. One worth noting is that for periodicals , we are required to list the page range of the article we used as our source.

If you would like to get the job done and save yourself some work, you can use an automatic bibliography generator. They come in many varieties, but I have some suggestions. Finally, if you want a more powerful tool, I would recommend you look into zotero.

This program allows you to track your sources, add notes and create automatic source pages based on the entires you select. You can have multiple project files with the same entry in several folders if that helps. Wish this had been around when I was writing my dissertation: All of these allow you to enter your information in one format APA and transform it into another eg.

Expert Answers Tamara K. Here is an example of a basic MLA citation: Portrait of a Spy.

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