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Customise paper report in foxpro 9 0

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❶Close this window and log in. App also provides the following:.

Recap: Reporting in VFP 8.0 and earlier

Custom Papersize Report Foxpro (II)
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customise paper report in foxpro 9 0

The report engine, formerly a "black box", has been extended and re-engineered to expose a good deal of its functionality as a FoxPro base class that we can subclass and attach our own custom behavior to, giving us a kind of an object-oriented report run. The object-assisted mode of the report engine is enabled through some new command syntax:. According to the help file, OutputPage "Provides access to the current page or the full range of pages for a report run, according to the value of the ListenerType property.

Is OutputPage an event or a method? It depends on how the ListenerType property is configured. When listenerType is 0 or 2, the report engine sends the current page number after it has rendered a page.

When listenerType is 1 or 3, we can invoke OutputPage using this parameter to specify the destination device, indicating the type of device in the third parameter iType.

OutputPage also has additional parameters: These are useful for advanced techniques such as described in my article, Techniques for an alternative Report Preview UI. The report listener expects it to contain an object reference to a FoxPro form class or similar. From VFP9 Help file: The variable exists, but the value is not appropriate. An additional clause to the contract between report engine and listener factory is that the report listener handed back to the factory must have its OutputType property set to the same value as the type of output requested i.

The report engine passes the requested output type to the listener factory program, but otherwise ignores this value. It is up to the listener object to decide how to interpret the output type, and set the listenerType property appropriately.

As we saw earlier, the listenerType property will in turn affect how the report engine interacts with the report listener object during the report run.

Note that this program returns a reportlistener with a listenerType of 0, irrespective of what output type the report engine requests. Even though our code thinks it is asking for a report preview, the report is actually sent to the printer - because our factory program returned a base reportlistener class with a listenerType of 0.

One like, say, ReportOutput. The default listener factory is provided in the form of an application, ReportOutput. In addition to the requirements of a listener factory described above, ReportOutput. App also provides the following:. So we know that ReportOutput. App is going to create and return references to report listener classes. There is one listener instance for each requested output type, the collection key being the string representation of the output type for which the listener was created.

Then we tell ReportOutput. App to initialize its collection with a "printing" listener, and configure the instance:. Expr contains plain text, which will look something like this: Following Code is Sample Program.

You can modify as per your requirement. Suppose you will find your custom paper id is 41 with the help of program and your old paper id is 9.

Marked as answer by Tariq Iftikhar Monday, February 01, 7: Monday, February 01, 4: Saturday, January 30, 3: Saturday, January 30, 4: Saturday, January 30, 6: Do not use code, components or techniques unless you are satisfied that they will work correctly in your applications. This article applies to Visual Foxpro 8. If you are using a later version, please refer to the note at the end of the article.

You probably know that, when designing a Visual FoxPro report, you can select the page size, orientation and paper source from the Print Setup dialog. If you make any changes to the print settings in this way, your users will not be able to override them at run time.

For example, if you set the paper source to "Upper tray", the report will always try to select that tray. Nor will SYS help. Normally, that function displays the Page Setup dialog and lets the user change the settings within it. The changes will then affect all printed output for the current session. But if you changed any of the default page settings within the report designer, the SYS dialog will have no effect on that report.

You cannot even use it to send the report to a different printer. It follows that you can open the file just as if it was a FoxPro table. You can also browse it and edit it. If you changed the wrong field to the wrong value, you could ruin your carefully designed layout. So take care with what follows - and be sure you have a backup before you start. The first step is to get rid of the printer settings which were saved in the report designer.

To do so, open and browse the report from the Command window. For example, if the report is called Customer, type the following:.

In the Browse window, look for a record where the Objtype field is set to 1 and the Objcode to 53 it is usually the first record.

How to set paper size in Code

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This article applies to Visual Foxpro and earlier. If you are using a later version, please refer to the note at the end of the article. You probably know that, when designing a Visual FoxPro report, you can select the page size, orientation and . Mar 02,  · In the report designer, specify the custom paper size name in the Page Setup dialogue. To print the report, either programmatically set the printer to the name you gave the new printer ("VFP printer" in this example), or use the PROMPT clause so that the user can select the printer.