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1426 University of Phoenix Consumer Reviews and Complaints
Tuition Guarantee FAQ

Transferability of credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Individual courses are not eligible for federal financial aid. While widely available, not all courses are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative. More information about admissions requirements can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Home Programs Continuing Education Individual courses. Increase your knowledge, one class at a time. Please enter your ZIP code for available programs. Individual online college courses Are you looking to learn more about a specific topic or enhance your skill level for professional growth? Our online college courses are designed to help you meet a range of professional and academic goals, such as: Keeping certain professional licensures current. Fulfilling continuing education for teachers requirements.

Developing a deeper understanding of topics relevant in your field. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I have attended this school for a year, and while my study experience has been positive, my experience with the financial aid department has been a nightmare.

I am working part time, on disability, so I run a tight budget for myself and daughter I am raising all by myself. I have had problems since the beginning with Disbursements, in a timely manner. I have spoken to the representatives, who while very polite have promised me multiple times that a disbursement will occur, then days later say, "Sorry it will be this day instead", then it does not happen, then another day and a "Rush" is promised, then nothing, then their financial aid chat is shut down because they cannot handle all the requests about the huge load of issues that are occurring.

I am now getting high interest payday loans to keep my bills paid, as I should have had a disbursement a month ago. If you depend on your student loans for living expenses supplement I am 47 years old.

I have spent 22 years in Law Enforcement. An online degree is, in my opinion, much more difficult to achieve as there is nobody there to motivate you to push on, except yourself. I have always been treated with respect and professionalism by all of the staff at UOPX and they truly seem to care about my educational goals.

I Love this University and I am so very proud of my accomplishments. They just use the "for-profit" as their leverage. After a terrible experience I decided to go no further with my education with this school. I canceled all classes for the following semester before classes started. At that time it was confirmed via my student adviser that there would be no charges since I "withdrew" before the class start dates.

Now 10 years later and going back to school the University is telling me I cannot have my official transcript unless I pay a past due amount for the 5 classes I never took and withdrew from according to their rules. I will tell you a real problem and yes the school is very much accredited.

One class left but had to complete my dissertation. There is one class that is mandatory to turn in your dissertation to the first Review Committee which is the QRM. While in that class my professor went missing.

When I say he went missing you was gone for 4 weeks which is half the class. I could not returning my dissertation because he had it in his possession therefore I could not submit to the committee. To justify the situation University of Phoenix made me repeat the class. Keep in mind they paid for the retake. Fast forward 18 months later after an expensive fight after contacting all and every institution that oversee the policies and procedures of universities I finally got my day in court so to speak.

I forgot to mention that throughout all of this the school changed its program but I was not grandfathered in there for I have to take four additional classes. What can I do? I tried fighting City Hall.

I won half the battle. I will say this. The courses that they present are serious. As I said before that school is extremely accredited. End result University of Phoenix is paying for those four classes. If your problem is about financial aid, the cost of the school, your grades and other things of that nature those are not real issues.

University of Phoenix is a private school which means it cost money. We all have school loans. If your credit is messed up you did that to yourself by not paying your bills. Learning higher education is not easy. If you did not land a job I suggest you review your interview skills and restructure your resume.

My employer has an agreement with this school where they will pay half and the university pays half of my tuition. I send in vouchers for each class and as long as I make the grade required by my employer this school gets paid. Sent in vouchers starting in November and they were paid. Straight A student because I want to better myself and my employer was footing the bill. I was put in the wrong class by one of their academic counselors and was in the class a week before anyone caught it.

They said they were going to foot the bill for that class since it was their error. That was a lie. Grants took care of it. They were just waiting on them to send the invoice. This school refused to send the invoice still. They stress their students out to the max.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I have read many negative reviews regarding UOP, here is the truth. UOP cannot make graduates successful. That is our responsibility. It is time to own your responsibility if not getting the job you wanted or getting that promotion. Ultimately, I still had to sell myself to that employer. I had to make them understand what an asset I would be to their organization.

You cannot walk into a company, throw around your degrees and expect them to hire based on a 3. I am grateful for UOP, their academic advisors, and financial advisors.

They were helpful in guiding me in the direction needed to help me meet my goals. They guided me in the direction needed to attain scholarships to help with tuition, and great payment plans. Come on people, The University of Phoenix cannot be held responsible for your lack of effort, or ability to prove you are worth that position.

I maintained a 3. It has not helped me one bit with my career, I feel it has hindered me. It was a lot of work, no doubt, a lot of paper writing which I took very seriously graduating with a 3. My enrollment counselor and advisors I had many told me that it would significantly help me advance my career.

I even considered going on into their doctorate program based on their great sell but had maxed out my student loans! I would hate for anyone else to get sucked into this scam as I did. Horrible counselors and horrible communication. The last I spoke with University of Phoenix was that they were looking over my husband and his income to see if the rest could be put onto student loans.

Now I have a collections letter and my credit is going to be ruined. Awful and has caused big debts and pain of suffering - As many others on here I too was affect by the outage caused on June of I actually had my work turned in. The university gave a lot of misinformation that cost me on many accounts.

I am going forward with a consumer lawsuit. We can get together and come against Phoenix to stop the bullying and avoidance of debt especially as it pertains to future students.

I informed the university of a consumer report. They then dropped my class and started erasing calls. I was told they had no managers and supervisors to talk to by one representative.

I have only had 2 classes so far at University of Phoenix and the classes themselves are okay. The Financial Services Dept. My employer pays for my classes and they are supposed to direct bill them but instead take my financial aid to do so and it is a fight and a half to get my money back.

They do not bill correctly to my employer either. They are supposed to pay the tuition and the fees yet they only bill the tuition. And that is another nightmare. Overall a really poor excuse for a school. When this happens you better get a CPA to do your taxes because UOPX finance department will find any and every little way to run you around and keep you out of class.

I can no longer go to school because their finance department is saying my taxes were not done properly, when they were.

Even my CPA was floored at their accusations. There is no coordination between finance and student enrollment. The enrollment people are helpless because Finance is a separate department, so any time there are surcharges from finance, they will keep going back and forth with little results. To keep this as short as possible, I decided to enroll into college after talking with family.

I decided it was the best way for me to better my life for not only myself, but for my children. So in early November of I began searching for colleges. I happened to find the University of Phoenix which was perfect for me because I could move close to campus and start school. Upon talking with the recruiter we discussed options and what would be best for me. After a long phone call I authorized automatic monthly payments right from my direct deposit to cover tuition.

It was also decided that I was a little far from their Phoenix campus and their Tucson campus was shutting down, so I would have to enroll online just until my Student aid came in, at which time I would be able to move closer to campus and switch back to Physical studies. After the little details were worked out I was assigned to a Representative that not only cost me hours of stress and problems, but also nearly cost me my children and my schooling.

You see I was a fool and trusted the University to be reliable and honest. That the documents I signed, and verbal agreements I made actually meant something I was SOOO wrong. This particular person I was in contact with started breaking the law and school policy when he had me sending him private information, documents, and other sensitive information.

I was ignorant to the fact that my documents, and other school info was supposed to be submitted online directly to the Financial Aid office. Instead he was getting all my info first hand and then submitting it for me. To skip ahead I submitted everything asked to this representative, social security card, bank verification documents, school documents, Student Aid documents, and the list goes on. Ok no problem I wait, I start school, school comes and goes, no money.

So I contact my representative only to find out certain documents were never submitted and are needed again Oh this happens a lot. Funds will be here within weeks but before the end of the month, just wait. So I wait some more.

I contact them again only to find to my amazement that my representative has been fired for "Unknown Reasons" and that none of the required information was ever submitted. This is when I learned all info should have been submitted to the website. Not sent back and forth in emails. All the choices I made, investments done are to prepare for the move to Phoenix to get a new chapter started in my life, and they are being burned to the ground.

I have no way of proving the representative stole my money, but what I do have is the emails sent back and forth containing the many documents and even my sensitive info. Before the agent lied, screwed you over but now you are submitting everything right to the website and it will go as planned.

So I submit everything again, and wait the 90 days, and to my fears, no money. To my horror I am told that not only is this highly unusual, but its borderline criminal. I actually did both, I started talking with other recruiters telling them my situation but I also submitted what Phoenix asked for and asked when aid would arrive as well as when I needed to start paying my tuition. I explained the previous agreement and documents signed allowing the university to take their payments.

I was told to wait and not to make any payments until my financial aid came in. Skip ahead to the present and I never enrolled with another college. I stayed with Phoenix and the student aid Finally arrived. Leaving me solely responsible to pay for things, which was what I agreed to anyway with the monthly payments.

What they have done is illegal and immoral and they need to fix their screw up. I may not have all the money in the world but I am an honest hard working mother trying her damn best to get somewhere against all odds. I completed all my classes years ago - I ended up having to defer my loan payments for several years and now they are in the hands of a collection agency. I was never told by U of P that they were a private college; therefore the cost was significantly higher than most schools.

I do have a great job and make decent money, but it had nothing to do with my degree. That school needs to be upfront and honest with prospective students about their costs. The University of Phoenix is a regionally accredited online program that stresses the importance of critical thought and research for all of their science relative programs.

Each course that I took challenged my literacy, aptitude, creative process and cognitive fluidity. Their courses assess and evaluate students based on their working memory, cognitive flexibility, fluid intelligence and inhibitory control. Students are required to write academically formatted collegiate papers, create professionally polished presentations as well as provide substantive responses to demanding queries posted by adjunct faculty and other students.

Earning competency and mastery in a course is challenging and requires dedication. The online learning system is asynchronous, and those who lack organizational skills, self-motivation, and intrinsic drive will potentially find the workload too epigrammatic. I had questions all along about my recruiting experience.

I felt as if I have been scammed. There was definitely deception where my recruiter was concerned. The degree that he said I would ultimately end up signing loans for was nothing short of pure deception and I wish they could pull the tapes to confirm my comments.

Shortly before the commencement ceremony I found out that the state I reside does not accept my degree nor does the state I was raised. I was also told in the middle of working toward my degree that they no longer offered the education degree I initially signed up for.

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University of Phoenix (UoP) is grossly overpriced for the quality of education you receive. Definitely not worth the return on investment. When I left its online MBA program I was paying $ a credit hour.2/5().

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Aug 28,  · The University of Phoenix is one of the most recognizable online universities today; it is constantly growing and evolving to keep up with the expectations of students, faculty and a society that expects the highest quality education. just because it is an online schools does not mean that it is an easy pass or a degree you can just buy /5(21). Coursework Help for Phoenix University All Assignments and Homework from authentic assignment writing service provider in USA. Help with University of Phoenix.

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Associate, bachelor's and master's courses are academic, for-credit courses. Transferability of credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. It is the student's responsibility to confirm whether or not credits earned at University of Phoenix will be accepted by another institution of the student's choice. The Phoenix program was much better managed and more practical. Higher ed programs in traditional colleges are unlikely to hire Phoenix, or any for-profit college, graduates. buy university of phoenix course work I am proud to say that I am a future graduate of University of Phoenix. My program was traditional classroom and I took no online .