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Buying Local Produce Essay Sample

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Buying Local Produce Essay Sample

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Buying locally grown food can reduce the fossil fuel emissions in our world house in more than just one way. Transporting the produce across country is a huge waste of fossil fuels. This only increases our dependence on fossils fuels, since the consumers mainly rely on the produce, in our grocery stores, that was transported over hundreds of miles.

Rich Pirog, senior associate director of the C. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems, found that conventional food distribution was responsible for 5 to 17 times more CO2 than locally produced food Pirog.

Not only are fossil fuels burned and wasted in the transporting of these products, but in the packaging of them too. That is a part of food security, especially when we are relying on fossil fuels to produce, package, distribute, and store food.

Promoting sustainable farm practices is an important part in protecting our world house. A great part of buying locally grown food is you have the power to know exactly where it is coming from, who is producing it, and how it is produced.

As a consumer you can make a choice of which farms and their practices you want to support. These farming practices include use of fertilizers, pesticides, and soil management. Small farms also tend to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. All living plants need the essential nutrients to live such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. These fertilizers are extremely water soluble and runoff very easily.

When it rains the water can leach the soil of the nutrients. This causes the high levels of nutrients to run off into local watersheds causing a serious form of water pollution called algal blooms. These blooms can happen in streams and lakes affecting entire aquatic ecosystems. Smaller farms also tend to use fewer pesticides. Many farmers use pesticides to insure the quality and high yields of their crops.

But the pesticides used have unintended consequences. The pesticides can runoff into lakes, rivers and streams, affecting the organisms that they were not intended for.

These pesticides are harmful to not only the pests that harm the crops but to the beneficial insects that are crucial for a sustainable ecosystem. Buying local produce is just one more step that most people can make to help the world house and the environment we all live in. We have only one world and we need to protect it anyway we can. As I mentioned before my family has participated in our local CSA. It is a great and easy opportunity to support your local farmers.

When you sign up for the CSA you pay for the membership and in return receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the season.

Anyone who is interested can find a local CSA and more information about the organization at http: Buying local produce can positively influence our world house by supporting our local farmers, reducing fossil fuel emissions and promote better farming practices. Each level of the chain is dependent on the adjoining levels. Autotrophs make their food from light or some form of chemical energy and are at the bottom of each food chain. Americans traveling or living in Thailand are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

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Keeping Food Local Essay - Annually, the New American Oxford Dictionary releases a word of the year, which has had a significant presence in culture and society. The award went to the word locavore which is defined as “one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible” (locavore).

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