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East Baton Rouge School District to offer to Algebra and Geometry Students

Academic Coaching (K-8)

❶With 2 BS degrees, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, I have been exposed to all of the most important fundamental disciplines that children need to be successful today. Mon Apr 02 9:

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We are the leader in providing tutoring resources to those in Baton Rouge. I am an attorney licensed to practice of law in Louisiana since October I currently represent the State of Louisiana in multiple areas of law. My experience as an attorney representing the state has provided unique insight and understanding of how the state and Federal government are structured and operate. In addition, the practice of law requires carefully considered word choice, understanding and use of grammar, and advanced writing composition skills.

As such, I have experience working with students of all ability types and learning preferences. I aim to provide my students with individualized instruction to match their specific needs. I am available for subject-area tutoring, previous grade mastery instruction, next-grade readiness instruction, standardized test prep tutoring, and study skills instructions. I enjoy teaching all core subjects.

I have also worked as the 6th grade science coach at my present school I tutor 3 - 8th grade. A hands-on approach, with a focus on making learning fun. I find that when a student is engaged and taking joy in his or her studies, it becomes less like work and more like an enjoyable hobby. I finished graduate school with a 3. I possess a wide array of knowledge and achievements that encompass scientific, social, and interdisciplinary subject matter.

It is my great desire to assist in t. I empahsize to students why homework will help them to understand concepts in any specific discipline and how it can open their minds to new horizons. I am a facilitator of many styles of teaching, I use visual aids, kinesthetics, tactile, musical, etc.

I use computers to help students with reading comprehension and to visually represent concepts to raise achievement levels. Additionally, I will be fully-certified by May of I hace experience tutoring kids from elementary school to high school. I have taught kids with learning disabilities. I have excellent communication skills and work well with all kinds of people. I tutor kids after school on Wednesdays from subjects like Chemistry to Calculus.

All my students love the effort i make to make the subject both fun and interesting. All of the kids I have tutored loved my teaching style and praised my ability to make hard math topics like integrals seem so easy. Coaching writers and assisting them in the critical thinking process necessary for research and writing is my passion.

I have spent more than 20 years as a journalist, worked with college journalism students as an adviser and taught undergraduate journalism courses. Perhaps most importantly, I can help students understand that everything on the Internet is not actually research. Mastery of media is the essential skill of this information age. It will serve them for the rest of their lives. The Governors of Louisiana - Read biographies of the current and past governors.

Louisiana Directory of Cities, Towns and Villages Louisiana Information for Students - Facts, symbols, culture, history, and much more about our state! Activities by the Letter Helping Your Child Become a Reader - With activities for children from infancy through age 6 Starfall - An interactive reading site designed for first graders.

Animals Animal Diversity Web - Find the phylum, class, order, and family of your favorite animal, and much more! Wed Mar 28 7: Thur Mar 29 Thur Mar 29 4: Thur Mar 29 6: Baton Rouge is the capital of the U. The city is located on the Mississippi River. It is one of the leading U.

Goods brought to the port by rail and river are transferred to oceangoing ships. Baton Rouge is also a center of industry and services. Its chief industries process oil and natural gas. The French founded Baton Rouge in

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Homework Louisiana | - Live one-to-one help & additional resources for several subjects DK Findout! - A safe place online to see, learn, and explore almost everything.

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Homework Help. Baton Rouge. From time to time, your child may face challenges with homework — and when those times come, you can count on the tutors at Sylvan for the personalized homework help in Baton Rouge your child needs. Baton Rouge is the capital of the U.S. state of Louisiana. The city is located on the Mississippi River. It is one of the leading U.S. ports. Goods brought to the port by rail and river are transferred to oceangoing ships. Baton Rouge is also a center of industry and services. Its chief industries.

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Baton rouge homework help online paper service! Why assignment writing service in london. In a way, the advanced placement examination. This inner tumult was followed to establish positive interpersonal relationships in considerably greater detail, but lets take a more or fewer barriers than others. The child is the role of the implementation. Homework is supposed to be a challenge. But with a challenge sometimes comes added frustration. When that happens, Sylvan’s homework help in the Baton Rouge region could make a huge impact.